Navy blue double sink bathroom vanity with plenty of drawers for storage

Choosing the right vanity is one of the most crucial factors to consider when remodeling your bathroom. Your bathroom vanity not only serves as a stylish focal point, but it’s also the cornerstone of functionality, offering essential storage and enhancing the room's overall convenience. With an extensive variety of sizes, styles, materials, and configurations, finding the perfect match might seem daunting, but it’s important not to let analysis paralysis hinder your project. This comprehensive guide aims to demystify the process, providing you with key considerations and insights to help you find the perfect vanity for your space.


Bathroom Layout & Function

Understanding your bathroom's layout and primary function is the first step in selecting the ideal vanity. Are you redesigning a compact powder room, a guest bathroom, or upgrading your primary bathroom? The size of the room and its main use will help guide your choice. In a powder room, a small bathroom vanity with a single sink will be sufficient, providing charm without overwhelming the space. Alternatively, a primary bathroom remodel will benefit from a double sink bathroom vanity, which offers ample storage and convenience for shared spaces.

Accurate measurements are crucial, whether you're replacing an existing vanity or adding one into a newly built home. If you’re upgrading your current vanity, use that as a starting point and measure the width, depth, and height. Make a note of any desired changes, such as additional height or more bathroom cabinet space. When working with a new space, pinpoint the ideal location for your vanity and measure accordingly to ensure it complements the room’s scale. Remember, a vanity that's too small may look out of place in a spacious bathroom, while one that's overly large might crowd a smaller room. Choose a vanity size that balances well with the overall space to maintain both aesthetics and functionality.


Different Vanity Types & Styles

Bathroom vanities are available in a range of installation options and styles, designed to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your bathroom. The type of vanity you select influences how it integrates and performs within your space, while its style contributes to a cohesive look, and elevates your bathroom's ambiance. Here’s a breakdown to guide you through the main types and styles of bathroom vanities, ensuring you make a choice that aligns with your space, style, and needs.

Types of Bathroom Vanities:

Floating Vanity

A floating bathroom vanity, also known as a wall-mounted vanity, doesn’t sit on the ground or have legs. Instead it mounts to the wall and creates a sleek, floating illusion. Ideal for compact spaces, its elevated design minimizes floor clutter, contributing to a more spacious and organized feel. Floating vanities are synonymous with modern bathroom styles, offering clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic that enhance contemporary decor.

Console Vanity

Console vanities blend the elegance of traditional design with the practicality of versatility, either mounted on the wall with two legs or freestanding on four. Their versatility and minimalist structure allow them to integrate seamlessly into various design themes. Whether you prefer metal legs for a sleek finish or wooden ones for rustic charm, console vanities can accommodate your personal style. With various configurations, some console vanities feature spacious cabinets and drawers for hidden storage, while others include open shelving underneath, perfect for placing baskets and optimizing accessible storage solutions.

Freestanding Vanity

Freestanding vanities, like their name suggests, do not need to be wall-mounted and instead are supported by four legs or a solid base. Freestanding bathroom vanities offer versatile storage solutions, from cabinets and drawers to open shelving beneath the sink, it’s easy to find a freestanding vanity that suits your needs. This vanity type is available in a wide range of design styles, from sleek, modern aesthetics to classic, traditional looks, making them a popular choice for many homeowners. 

Corner Vanity

Perfect for small spaces, corner vanities are designed with an angled edge to snugly fit into the corner of your bathroom. Despite their smaller size, these vanities maximize space without compromising functionality, providing cabinets and storage options within their unique, slim design. Corner vanities are an excellent solution for bathrooms where every inch counts, offering a practical yet stylish fixture to enhance the usability and appearance of small bathrooms.

Bathroom Vanity Styles:

Now that you know the different types of vanities that are available, you’ll want to consider what style you prefer. Bathroom vanities come in many different designs to complement your desired look. These are some of the main styles of bathroom vanities:


Designed with sleek, clean lines, modern bathroom vanities are ideal for contemporary or industrial spaces. Available in different materials and finish options, modern vanities offer versatile features to fit your unique look. Choose a navy-blue vanity or one with a matte black finish for a bold pop of color. 


Exuding warm, inviting style, a farmhouse bathroom vanity is typically constructed from wood and boasts natural hues such as brown, sage green, or classic white. Their design leans towards simplicity, incorporating minimalist elements, offering rustic charm with functional elegance.


Traditional bathroom vanities exude timeless style, characterized by their ornate designs and neutral color palettes. Crafted primarily from solid wood, these vanities typically feature ample storage space, with cabinets and drawers designed to keep bathroom necessities organized and accessible. Their classic appeal and rich detailing make them a perfect fit for those seeking a luxurious touch in their bathroom decor.

Mid-Century Modern

Embodying the essence of minimalist and functional design, mid-century modern bathroom vanities offer an iconic retro aesthetic. Adored for their durability and enduring style, these vanities are constructed from solid wood and available in a variety of finishes, like warm browns and sage green tones. With clean lines and practical designs, mid-century modern vanities offer a chic yet timeless addition to your bathroom.


Coastal bathroom vanities encapsulate the serene, breezy essence of the seaside with their light and airy design. These vanities often feature soft, muted colors that mimic the coastal palette—think shades of blues, greens, and whites, reminiscent of the sea, sky, and sandy beaches. Materials like weathered wood or wicker add a touch of natural charm, while details such as nautical-themed hardware can elevate the tranquil feeling associated with the coast into your bathroom. 


Choosing the Right Bathroom Sink

Different vanities accommodate different sink options, and the best choice for you may depend on the specific room and the primary function of your space. For smaller bathrooms or powder rooms, a single sink vanity is often the most practical option. Alternatively, in larger, shared bathrooms, a double sink vanity can offer more convenience and utility.

Undermount Sinks:

Installed beneath the countertop for a seamless look, undermount sinks are a popular and elegant choice for vanities. They are commonly made from durable materials such as porcelain, vitreous china, and acrylic, offering both style and longevity.

Integral Sinks:

Integral sinks, built directly into the countertop, present a sleek and cohesive aesthetic that’s ideal for modern bathrooms. This design streamlines cleaning and maintenance while contributing to a contemporary decor.

Vessel Sinks:

Sitting openly on top of the counter, vessel sinks make a statement in any bathroom design. This style, perfect for contemporary or farmhouse-themed remodels, is not only easier to install but also elevates the visual appeal of your vanity.


Bathroom Storage 

Vanities come with an array of storage solutions, accommodating different needs and preferences. In a primary bathroom, you’ll want plenty of space to organize and store an assortment of bathroom necessities—from toilet paper and cleaning supplies to personal care products—so opting for vanities with ample cabinet and drawer space is important. This ensures everything you need is conveniently at hand, yet discreetly out of sight.

For more compact spaces, such as guest bathrooms or powder rooms, a minimalist console vanity might be perfect, since they embody simplicity while still meeting basic storage needs. Some vanities feature expansive shelves beneath cabinets, offering both concealed and exposed storage options. Decorating these open shelves with items like plants, books, or art can elevate the bathroom's overall aesthetic and feel more cozy.


Additional Features

With the fundamentals covered, it’s time to get into the details that truly personalize your bathroom vanity. The hardware on your vanity plays a significant role in defining its character. You can choose round knobs that add a soft touch, or sleek cabinet pulls for an elegant look. Do you want your vanity hardware to match the rest of your bathroom fixtures? Or do you want to experiment with the mixed metals trend to add contrast and visual interest to your space? The finish of your vanity is also important. Rustic brown with brushed nickel hardware can warm up your space, whereas a matte black vanity with chrome hardware introduces a striking, modern vibe. Think about the styles you like, browse Pinterest for inspiration, and visualize how the different styles, designs, and finishes can enhance your existing décor.

When it comes to faucets, style and compatibility with your vanity sink are key. For vessel sinks, ensure the faucet height and reach are appropriate. Wall-mounted faucets pair well with farmhouse decor and utility spaces, providing a clean, elevated look, while widespread faucets evoke classic, timeless appeal.

While most bathroom vanities come equipped with a countertop, some may require you to purchase one separately. Vanity tops are available in a range of materials, each offering its own unique aesthetic and benefits. Some of the most common options include luxurious and versatile Carrara marble, durable granite, sleek quartz, classic soapstone, and versatile solid surface materials, ensuring you can find the perfect match for your bathroom's style and functionality needs.

Don’t overlook the potential of a vanity mirror equipped with lighting. It not only serves a practical purpose but also adds a layer of sophistication, giving your bathroom a clean, modern appearance.


DIY vs. Professional Installation

Choosing the perfect bathroom vanity is a significant step, but deciding on the best way to install it is equally important. Whether you make this a DIY project or decide to hire a professional contractor depends on your own skills, experience, and comfort level with home improvement tasks.

For those with a do-it-yourself spirit, installing a bathroom vanity can be a rewarding project. It's an opportunity to put your skills to the test, and with a bunch of online tutorials available, there’s plenty of guidance to assist you. Also, your vanity will likely come with its own installation guide, providing step-by-step instructions tailored to your specific model.

However, if you’re uncertain or if the project feels daunting, consulting with a professional contractor might be the best route. A contractor can offer the expertise and experience to ensure your vanity is installed correctly and securely. Plus, having an extra set of hands, whether from a friend or a professional, can be invaluable, especially when it comes to moving and positioning your new vanity.

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