DreamLine Havana freestanding bathtub, center, with a window and green tiling in the bathroom.

Freestanding tubs not only add visual interest to your bathroom with their sculptural aesthetic and timeless design, but also offer an unrivaled space to unwind and disconnect from stress.

Here’s a look at some of DreamLine’s best freestanding tubs and why they’re a must-have for your bathroom remodel.

Best Deep-Soaking: The DreamLine Havana Freestanding Tub

If you want a proper deep-soaking tub that’s the epitome of luxury and relaxation, look no further than the DreamLine Havana freestanding tub. Elegant and ergonomically designed, Havana features classic curves for gentle support and iconic style. Havana has an extended bathing well of 15 inches to create the ultimate deep-soaking experience that may help to ease stress, soothe muscles, and elevate your mood.

Constructed of durable Acrylx material, Havana's acrylic surface resists scratching, cracking, and fading—ensuring your tub maintains its brilliance over time.

The versatile style of our Havana freestanding tub blends well with most interior design styles, making it effortless to create your own personal spa-like retreat.

Best Vintage Design: The DreamLine Atlantic Freestanding Tub

Inspired by nostalgic vintage charm, the Atlantic freestanding tub is thoughtfully designed to create an exquisite centerpiece for your bathroom remodel. With form following function, the single slipper figure is curved for comfort, offering an elevated height at one end, making it easy to recline and relax.

The decorative clawfoot design gives a nod to antique aesthetic and comes in a variety of finishes to match the fixtures of your bathroom for a cohesive look. While Atlantic exudes a distinct design, it seamlessly complements a variety of interior design styles. Everything from farmhouse and boho chic to contemporary and rustic, Atlantic easily enhances the overall design of your bathroom remodel.

Best Space-Saver: The DreamLine Montego Freestanding Tub

A limited space shouldn’t stop you from designing your dream bathroom. One great aspect about freestanding tubs is that they aren’t confined to being built against walls, which allows greater flexibility when it comes to placement. That along with the right shape, like that of the Montego, and your spa-like bathroom is in reach!

The Montego’s doubled-ended design allows it to fit in tighter spaces while freeing up space around the sides for a more open and spacious look. Plus, innovative leveling legs and above-the-ground rough work to simplify the installation process, making this a great choice for first-time renovators.

From adding a spa-like quality and stunning design, to increasing the value to your home, freestanding tubs add a plethora of benefits to your bathroom remodel. DreamLine’s freestanding tubs are meticulously crafted from premium materials, designed to give you the highest-quality products for your home.

Backed by thousands of five-star reviews, lifetime limited warranties and a dedicated customer support team, when remodeling your bathroom, it’s gotta be a DreamLine.

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