Accurate finished measurements are essential to finding the perfect shower door or shower base

How to Measure for a Shower Base and Shower Door

Sample sizes for illustration purposes only. Depending on the actual opening size, your
measurements may be completely different. For your shower door finished opening measurements
are required (i.e. the walls are finished, tiled or acrylic backwalls installed) when ordering
a DreamLine shower door.

step 1
step 2
step 3
  • Use a level to check for plumb walls
  • If all 3 width measurements are the same and the level indicates that the walls are plumb order, a door to fit that width
  • If the 3 width measurements are not the same or the level shows walls are not plumb, this indicates that the walls are out-of-plumb (not straight), order a door that allows for out-of-plumb adjustment
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